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Change your hearing aid battery in a flat, uncluttered place with a soft surface; a kitchen table with a tablecloth is ideal.

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Verify that the USB power cable is properly connected to the USB wall adapter.

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In reality, they're both battery-powered - one just has a battery that can be recharged.



Rechargeable and disposable hearing aid batteries do exist but they are uncommon.


 · Most models reach a full charge in less than five hours.

Battery: Rechargeable / Estimated Battery Life: 35hrs from an 8hr charging time / Rated Voltage: D.

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than to track when 5 days have passed and the Costco 312s need to be replaced (because the conk out sometime during day 6).



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Amazon Basics 1. When the hearing aid loses power, you switch out the battery for a fresh one.

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Oticon Rechargeable Hearing Aids,.

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For more information, call us at 818-345-3200.

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